The Complete Beginner's Guide to Project Failure

Includes three main sections: (1) Why Projects Fail to Launch, (2) Why Launched Projects Fail, and (3) the Project Pyramid.  This is a great introductory read if you are trying to better understand the barriers to project success faced by most every project manager.


Statistics of the Climate Crisis

We present six numbers from NASA's Vital Signs of the Planet that succinctly tell the story of our climate crisis. If past is prologue, we would be wise to understand what these numbers foretell. The scale of human impact on planetary systems is nothing short of massive and shows no signs of slowing down.


Grant Fit

The only thing worse than not getting the grant is getting the wrong grant.  Before you invest the considerable resources required for your next proposal, use our checklist to help prequalify the RFP to make sure that a funded project will genuinely represent a value-added opportunity for your organization.  Our list conveniently takes you through the top items to pay attention to: time, mission, budget, and project scope.

Children Arriving at School

Electric School Bus vs Diesel School Bus Comparison

These days, one cannot escape the buzz about electric vehicles. One exciting new application lies in the school bus market. Diesel school buses have long had a reputation for contributing to poor air quality for growing school children. However, the issue of choosing to buy an electric school bus is not as straight-forward as some would have us believe. Take a look at our brief comparison between the two and let us know what you think!

On Fire

Zombie Apocalypse Checklist

Have you ever watched a show like The Walking Dead and thought to yourself: "This would make an excellent survival course for worst-case scenario climate change?"  Well, we have!  Take a gander at the handy checklist we have assembled on how to handle a zombie apocalypse or a climate disaster.  It's an excellent resource to hold onto and have in either case.  See something we might have missed?  Please let us know!

Newton's Pendulum

Piloting Projects Using the 6-Step Scientific Method

Whether we understand it as such, the projects we implement are interventions (or experiments) that are backed up by a predetermined hypothesis. Sometimes this hypothesis is clearly defined. Other times it is not. A shared methodology allows our projects and their measured results to have ultimate universality. The whole field of implementation benefits when we can assess what works and what doesn't.  And why or why not. Luckily, we do not have to reinvent the wheel here. There is already a time-tested process that we can use. Let's take a look!

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3 Things You Must Know About Project Decision Making

Includes three main sections: (1) Understanding Projects as a Sequence of Tasks vs Networked Decisions, (2) Vendor-Driven vs Internally-Driven Decisions, and (3) Cognitive Bias in decision making.  Excellent and quick read if you would like to better understand the importance of decisions to improved project outcomes.

USA Lights

The USA's Role in Climate Change

We all play a role in global climate change. On a per-capita basis, the average American's greenhouse gas impact is tremendous.  Roughly twice that of the average Chinese citizen and seven times that of a citizen of India. However, Americans are also bearing the brunt of natural disasters brought forth by an unforgiving climate.  Check out our overview of critical high-level stats.

Solar Panel Installation

6 Stats About Solar Energy You Need to Know

The world of solar energy has changed exponentially over time.  Have you been keeping up?  If not, you might be missing out on its increasing viability as a primary source of energy.  Take a look at our collection of the top six statistics in solar and let us know what you think.  We believe you will find solar's progress to be truly impressive and certainly worthy of further investigation.

School Bus

Electric School Bus Adventure - VIDEO

Have you ever wanted to be the hero of your very own adventure story?  If you work in the field of clean energy, this is something you can you can live on a daily basis!  Check out the video trailer for a new major motion picture being developed by thousands of individuals across the United States.  Will you think about joining them?  After all, as Jim Morrison pondered in An American Prayer, "Did you have a good world when you died?  Enough to base a movie on?"  

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3 Ways We Can Help You Get Your Grant Proposal Done

You know how meaningful securing grant money can be towards accomplishing your organization's near- and long-term goals.  You also know how hard it can be to free up the time to work on a grant proposal that requires a short but intense burst of resources.  Take a look at the three ways we can help you get over your pressing hurdles and achieve your long-term vision.

Calculate Savings

Backgrounder: Green Revolving Funds

Green Revolving Funds (GRFs) are no longer the new kid on the block.  They are a field-tested tool that's been making inroads across the United States in organizations, both large and small.  Check out this one-page, high-level backgrounder to learn more about their value as a significant investment vehicle with yields averaging 32% that will also allow you to get more projects done than you believed possible. 

Sustainable Energy

10 Ways Energy Will Evolve in the Next Five Years

Our outlook on the top 10, most impactful energy trends we see coming to fruition over the next five years. Although it's impossible to predict the future, this high-level list covers some substantial, fundamental shifts in the energy landscape on which we would place some sure bets.


The Big 3 of Renewable Energy

Although there are many kinds of renewable energy, there are only a few considered for direct application by most of us. This handy one-pager provides a our high-level overview of the top three renewable energy technologies ripe for adoption, their means of creation, as well as how they are harnessed and applied.


An Alphabetized Clean Energy Vision

We have created an A to Z list of our preferred clean energy future. Take a look and consider swapping out some of our words for others of your own. But remember, if you take a word out, it could set up a chain reaction of subsequent word changes needed to maintain a cohesive vision. If you go to such lengths, please let us know your selections (it could be a fun team building activity)! And remember, there is no fate, but what we make!

Birds on Power Line

Top 10 Reasons Your Power Keeps Going Out

There is nothing like an extended power outage to bring our modern-day society to a grinding halt.  Flashlight in hand and fumbling in the dark, have you ever wondered to yourself why this was happening?  Sometimes, the cause is clear (for example, in the instance of a tornado or hurricane), but on a sunny day without a breeze to be felt, you are left scratching your head.  Take a look at our Top 10 list to gain some greater insight as to the forces at play.

Climate Change Banners

8 Steps to Managing Significant Change

According to research performed by John Kotter, the founder of the "8 Step Change Model," only 30% of organizational change initiatives ultimately achieve their intended result. Kotter identified a repeatable path that dramatically improves the chance of success.  Many clean energy projects are breakthrough change initiatives that require significant cooperation and support across the organization.  As such, Kotter's work very much applies.  

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