Step 1:
Project Definition

Many of our clients are driven to execute projects, programs, or policies to reach broad goals that have been established by policy-makers for greenhouse gas reduction, resiliency, or smart cities, among others. Although these targets loom, there is typically a high degree of leniency as to the actual tactics employed to achieve them.  It is incumbent upon public agency leaders to define a clear and realistic plan for how they will reach their set goals.  This requires a transparent and reliable system for project prioritization and alignment with overall organizational strategies.  To put it simply: there is typically much more at play here than a simple definition of return on investment (ROI).
At Clean Energy Delivery, we use a structured technique for organizing and analyzing complex decisions, based on mathematics and cognitive-behavioral psychology.  This comprehensive and rational framework allows us to make real what can initially seem nebulous.  As a result, you can move confidently forward into what often seems to be an uncertain and unpredictable future. 

Step 2:
Business Case

With a clear sense of what needs to be done, it's time to make a compelling business case to the powers that be.  What are the potential risks associated with a change in direction?  Alternatively, what are the risks associated with standing still?  What are the potential cost savings?  Can you anticipate a boost in public perception?  What can you anticipate for a return on investment?  What kind of financial incentives or grants are available to cut down on the up-front cost?  What is your best procurement strategy? 

We will work with you to define this and more!  When expectations are properly established from the beginning, projects go much more smoothly in implementation.  There is less potential for future blowback from unforeseen occurrences that could have either been properly anticipated or ideally, avoided altogether.

Step 3:

You have the funds budgeted and your approvals lined up, now it's time to take your project out to bid.  We will work with you to define and implement a procurement strategy that aligns well your existing needs and requirements.  Our favorite procurement tool is an online reverse auction due to its ability to both significantly drive down costs, as well as allow for the live consideration of numerous other factors.  
Bids in hand, we will assist you in making the best decision possible.  Does the more expensive, but higher quality bid make more sense?  Do you go with the company that is somewhat new to the market, but has what appears to be a promising future?  Would it be advantageous to make an allowance for a delay in delivery in trade for a reduced cost? 
We will help you to assess and rank these possibilities to ensure you are getting the absolute best deal possible.

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